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Ekaterinya Vladinakova
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Why We MUST Get $ OUT of Politics!

Wed Mar 20, 2013, 11:28 AM

Hello friends, the world has many problems to solve, poverty, war, and political corruption widespread. 
Here in the United States, we have a major issue with solving issues such as war and political corruption, and it's because special interest groups are permitted to funnel unlimited amounts of money into politics to basically bribe our politicians to act in their favor.

                                                                                                          What can we do about it?

SIGN the petition if you only got a few spare seconds on your schedule.  If you have more time, you can donate to the cause, spread the word, and most importantly... CALL your representatives. Cenk of The Young Turks has a good tutorial on this. Please click…  If you care about global warming, reducing the military budget to a realistic amount, staying out of destructive wars, or just in general want your representatives to do a better job of representing the United States, it is important we put strict limits on how much special interest groups are allowed to contribute to political campaigns. 

PLEASE join us at WolfPac

Wolfpac Petition:
To Volunteer:
To Donate:…

                                                                                                  How Money Corrupts our Politicians

Time and time again, congress has betrayed the interests of the American people's interests. The people want more action to combat global warming, we support ending tax breaks and subsidies to all oil and coal industries and want to extend tax breaks to renewable energies. Polls released show we want an increase in NASA's budget. And overwhelming majority of Americans have been in favor for faster withdrawals from Afghanistan, and to repeal "Citizens United" which allows for pretty much unlimited amount of special interest groups.

To fix the issue, we must keep special interest groups from buying our politicians.
The future of humanity depends on solving issues such was war poverty and our broken justice system.
Lets face the facts here, as long as our politicians are spending on average between 50-75% of their time begging and calling special interest groups to give them money, don't expect them to focus much on what the American people and the Earth people want.

They just want to get re-elected, and as shown before, whoever raises the most money typically wins.
Privatized prisons are a great example of our broken justice system. Some companies like the idea of making prisoners work for less than minimum wage so that they can make greater profit? Who benefits from this? Not tax payers, why? Because more people in prison will get more laborers so that these specific companies profit.

Tax breaks to oil companies still exist despite the fact most Americans are against that. Oil companies have a pretty long history of  lobbyists hovering around Washington pushing their agenda and funneling political money into our politicians.
Privatized Prisons spent 45 million dollars on lobbying.

Privatized Prion Lobbyists:

Opensecrets on oil
PBS also has an excellent article on this:…

In a world threatened by human contributed Climate Change, it is completely illogical for the long term survival of humanity to keep giving tax breaks to these oil companies when we should be pushing for Renewable and other forms of Alternative Energies. In a world in which we are suppose to be getting more humane, is it justified to allow for the profitation off prisoners which DOES NOT reduce the cost of prisons, but actually does the exact opposite.…?
TYT has a great well cited break down of how privatized prisons actually wastes tax payer money….

The system is broken, and the biggest thing we can do as an American is to fix this. Join WolfPac to get involved, if you are just too lazy to do much, least you can do is sign the petition

Journal Skin by Carlos-Way | Copyright 2014

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